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October is Cooperative Month
Being part of a cooperative means being part of something special. WK&T is celebrating National Cooperative Month in October, along with 40,000 other cooperative businesses serving more than 120 million people nationwide.  “Cooperatives Build” is the theme of this year’s National Cooperative Month.

“This year’s theme is excellent, because there are so many ways that cooperatives help to build a stronger rural America,” says Michael Lee of WK&T. “Most of WK&T’s revenue is donated to local community and charitable organizations or reinvested into the co-op to better serve our members. Those dollars circulate close to home, helping to strengthen the local economy.”

Thank you for being a member of your local telecommunications cooperative!
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Welcome to the WK&T Classroom
Want to learn more about your broadband connection, or how to get the most out of it?  If so, CLICK HERE to watch a short but very informative video.

2016 Annual Meeting Scheduled for July

WK&T’s Annual Meeting is planned for Saturday, July 16th at Graves County Middle
School in Mayfield, KY.  The doors open at 9 AM, with coffee and donuts being served
in the cafeteria.  The meeting will begin promptly at 10 AM in the Gymnasium.  Excellent
door prizes will be given away at the conclusion of the meeting, and you must be present
to win, so don’t miss out!


The Payment Card Industry Security Standards Council (PCI SSC) was launched on September 7, 2006 to manage the ongoing evolution of the Payment Card Industry (PCI) security standards with focus on improving credit card payment account security throughout the transaction process.

In order for WK&T to stay compliant with these PCI guidelines, you will see differences in the way we are handling your credit card payments. Please be aware that we have the security of your card information as our number one priority. Because of that, we will no longer be able to personally accept your payment by phone. You will be transferred to an automated secure payment center to make your account payment with your credit card. Any changes to your recurring payment will need to be processed online using Smart Hub as well.

If you come into our office to make a payment with your credit card you will be required to swipe your card, much like you do in other retail environments, in order to process your payment. We will not be able to process these changes over the phone at our Murray or Yorkville locations. Drive thru payments made with credit cards may take additional time to process since the receipt must be signed.

We hope that you understand the changes we have made are to help us protect your card information while remaining complaint to the guidelines that are in place. We appreciate your patience and the continued support of your local Telecommunications Cooperative.

PCI Compliant Options for Paying Your Bill (24 x 7):
• Setup your monthly recurring transactions at our “Smart-Hub
• Pay by Credit Card Online
• Pay by Phone with our “Secure Pay” by calling 1-855-385-9908


Boston, Mass. (September 22, 2015)—NTCA–The Rural Broadband Association, the premier association representing nearly 900 independent, community-based telecommunications companies that are leading innovation in rural and small-town America, today announced at its annual Fall Conference that WK&T has been named a Certified Gig-Capable Provider in the first month of a national program highlighting independent telecommunications providers delivering gigabit broadband speeds.

As a Certified Gig-Capable Provider, WK&T joined a national campaign spearheaded by NTCA to build awareness and industry recognition of community-based telecom providers that have built communications networks capable of delivering Internet speeds of up to 1 gigabit per second, which is 100 times faster than those currently available in many U.S. households. In addition to national recognition, certified providers also received tools to promote themselves as a Gig-Capable Provider in the communities they serve and will be recognized in NTCA media, on the NTCA website, and during association conferences and events.

To achieve certification, telecommunications companies must show that gigabit technology is currently commercially available within 95% of one or more exchanges within their serving territory and that such service can be provided without new trenching or stringing new aerial facilities. This statement must be confirmed by a letter from an engineering firm or other independent source involved in the company’s network planning, deployment or operation.  WK&T has a gigabit connection available in 100% of their service territory.

Calix, one of the biggest communications equipment providers in the nation, has done a case study on WK&T’s fiber to the home project. Click HERE and read about their thoughts on our network.


WK&T will be converting to a new voice mail system on Tuesday, August 18, 2015. Immediately after the change, we ask that you initialize your new mailbox by calling the voice mail access number for your area. During the setup of your new voice mail, you will be prompted to create a pin number to access your voice mail and to record a greeting(s) for your callers.Photo_VM User Guide

As an important reminder, once the voice mail system is changed, you will not be able to access your old voice mailbox. If you have important messages in your old mailbox that you wish to keep, you will need to record those on a device (possibly a tape recorder or an app on your smartphone) prior to August 18th.

We have added enhanced features like voice mail to email notification, wireless message waiting indicator, out dial notification, and up to 5 secondary mailboxes. These added
capabilities will not add any additional cost. The current rate for voice mail will not change.

Please click HERE for the Voice Mail Users Guide to assist you in setting up and using your mailbox. Many of the commands are the same as the existing voice mail but there are a few minor changes. There are additional options available as well. Remember, the local number to access your voice mail has not changed and you will find the number on the enclosed Users Guide.

Please contact our customer service department at 877-954-8748 or email if you are interested in setting up additional features like voice mail to email notification. For technical assistance with setting up your mailbox or related questions please call 888-897-8521.


In an effort to enable their customers the opportunity to monitor their own broadband connection, WK&T has launched its own speed test and you can give it a whirl HERE.  It’s free and easy to use for anyone with WK&T’s Flite Internet.

Speed Test“It is amazing how many customers are not even sure what package they’re subscribed to,” says Product and Sales Manager, Michael Lee.  “This speed test will give our customers the opportunity to see what they’re getting, and if they possibly need more speed to meet the demands of their home or business internet usage.”

The test requires Adobe Flash and runs best when using the latest version of your internet browser, but there is no additional software required.  To see the other suggested testing guidelines, click HERE.

2015 TMS Scholarship Winner

WK&T employee Chris Adams presents a $1,500 check to Cheyenne McMullen, a Graves County High School graduate, courtesy of TMS.


Paying for college just got a little easier for Cheyenne McMullen. The Wingo resident and Graves County High School graduate was awarded a $1,500 scholarship from the Foundation for Rural Service (FRS) and Telecom Management Services (TMS) to help her attend the University of Tennessee at Martin.

Cheyenne is the daughter of Jason and Kara McMullen. In high school, she participated in the wind ensemble, various honor bands and the “Screamin’ Eagle Marching Band” as the drum major for two years. She was also involved in the Academic Team, “Fermata Nowhere” A Capella group and the Archery Team. She plans to study music education at UT-Martin and hopes to one day teach band in high school or college.

“The scholarship means a lot to me because this will help me out a lot with expenses for college, especially with the cost of housing at UT-Martin,” says McMullen. “I’m very excited and grateful to receive the scholarship.”

FRS was established in 1994 and seeks to sustain and enhance the quality of life throughout rural America by advancing an understanding of rural telecommunications issues. FRS has awarded a total of $98,000 in college scholarships to 36 high school seniors in rural communities served by members of NTCA–The Rural Broadband Association.

“The price of college education keeps rising, and TMS is proud to help local students like Cheyenne pursue their goals through our scholarship opportunities,” says Chief Marketing Officer Carrie Huckeby. “We want to do all we can to help our young community members grow and prosper, and we wish Cheyenne all the best of luck as she begins college this fall.”

Survey shows that providing Wi-Fi can boost interest and traffic to your business.

WifiStaying connected is vital in today’s society. These days, it seems like everyone has a smartphone, tablet or other connected device. Whether you use your phone’s data functions for email, GPS tracking or social media, having a Wi-Fi connection is great way to stay connected and keep your mobile data usage to a minimum. A few years ago, it seems like the only “hot spots” — businesses providing wireless Internet — were coffee shops.

But now, Wi-Fi is popping up in dentist offices, tire shops, hotels, restaurants and a host of other businesses. Wi-Fi is an Internet service which allows multiple devices to work on a single connection, without actually being physically connected to a modem with wires. And anywhere customers are waiting, people are often using their mobile devices to make those wait times seem shorter. Providing Wi-Fi makes it easier for some customers to spend more time at your business and often increases customer satisfaction.

One survey conducted by Bredin Research shows significant improvement in sales, traffic and satisfaction when a business offers Wi-Fi. According to the survey, some business owners say Wi-Fi has become as big of an attraction in a lobby or waiting room as magazines, community bulletin boards, candy or water. Of those surveyed who already provide Wi-Fi, 79 percent say it helps keep customers happy while they are waiting.

More than half of surveyed businesses that provide Wi-Fi say customers spend more money during their visit because of wireless Internet. Also in the survey, more than half of the business owners believe Wi-Fi brings in new customers and encourages repeat business.

In turn, if customers have great experiences at your business and have access to the Internet, they are more likely to promote your business through their social media channels. People notice where others “check-in” on Facebook or where they leave positive reviews.

Beyond the customers, the survey also indicates that more than 90 percent of businesses see employee productivity benefits when a they use a wireless network. Respondents specifically mentioned employees using Wi-Fi to track inventory and hold online conferences.

If you’re interested in Wi-Fi for your business, don’t overlook the need for a high-speed connection to keep everyone’s data running smoothly. Broadband Internet speeds are essential to ensure that everyone connected can have the best possible experience using your Wi-Fi.

Consider turning your business into a Wi-Fi hot spot and start seeing happier customers and an increase in revenue. In the end, it’s a small investment with the potential for much larger returns.

Giving customers multiple ways to pay is crucial for business growth . . .CASH

When it comes to purchasing power, more and more people today depend on plastic instead of cash or checks. That’s why it’s essential for small businesses to accept different forms of payment and provide no-hassle alternatives for customers who don’t carry cash. Offering multiple ways to pay can be a great way to promote your organization as a convenient, forward- thinking business, while building customer loyalty.

Most non-cash payment services only require a smartphone or tablet and a fast broadband Internet connection for optimal efficiency. Thanks to technological advances, small business owners have more access than ever before for managing transactions and making things more convenient for customers.

PayPal first gained popularity with eBay, but it has since grown far beyond the online auction site. PayPal stores all of their customers’ credit card information and passwords on their computer or mobile device so they can buy what they need with a click of a button. PayPal also allows users to make instant transfers and pay by eCheck. Millions of businesses, both online and brick and mortar, accept PayPal payments, making it convenient for shoppers who aren’t carrying cash. PayPal is also popular with nonprofit organizations, offering a way for people to give money electronically.

Customers with the new iPhone 6 can pay for purchases in a store in one simple motion — if the business is ready. Because Apple’s Passbook already stores tons of information for iPhone users, it can save debit and credit card information as well. To add a new card on their iPhone, the user simply takes a photo with iSight and the iPhone will do the rest. To pay in a store, all the customer has to do is hold the iPhone near the contactless reader with a finger on the Touch ID. The Near Field Communication antenna communicates with the reader to process the payment.

The Square Reader works with any Android, iPhone or iPad. Plugging into a standard headset jack, the card reader automatically encrypts the sensitive information as soon as it’s swiped with the device. The data isn’t stored after the payment is processed. This service costs 2.75 percent per transaction for all major credit cards. Square can process payments, even if the device is offline, and receipts can be sent via text to the customer.

Instead of charging per transaction, PayStand allows business owners to pay a flat monthly rate to use the service. PayStand allows businesses with e-commerce sites to accept major credit cards, eChecks and eCash. Customers can choose which method they prefer, all for one rate to the business owner.

Making a transaction with Flint is as simple as taking a photo. The merchant downloads the free Flint app from the App Store or Google Play, positions the customer’s credit card number in the visual scan area, and that’s all there is to it. Keep in mind, all information is protected according to PCI DSS standards and guidelines, and the card images are never stored on the phone.
Customers can also be invoiced via email.

Introducing new technology to your business doesn’t have to be a scary endeavor that brings headaches and days of problems. These alternate payment methods, combined with a broadband Internet connection, offer a fast, safe way to keep your customers happy and your business up-to-date with the latest technology.


Technology services and devices come and go. When it comes to computer storage, floppy disks and Zip Drives are considered ancient history. Even DVDs are practically becoming antiques.

The latest computer storage technology is cloud-based services — meaning your files, data and programs are accessible on your computers and devices, but are hosted on secure, redundant servers at an offsite location. Unlike many storage options in the past, the cloud has staying power for one simple reason: Combined with a fast Internet connection, the cloud is accessible anywhere in the cloud

Just like logging on to an email account, the information stored in the cloud is always available. The cloud allows users to access the fastest and most up-to-date hardware and software, without the cost of buying, updating and maintaining equipment. It also lets you share software with multiple people and stay current with the latest updates.

Some of today’s top providers of cloud-based services are Dropbox, Amazon Cloud, Google Drive, Microsoft OneDrive, Box and Apple iCloud.

Additionally, for many small businesses, file sharing is key. Cloud-based services allow users to share in project tracking, accounting and document management — saving users both time and money. And when a document is updated in the cloud, the changes made are reflected on each user’s account. No more keeping track of versions sent back and forth over email — the cloud makes sharing seamless with the most efficient options available.

In 2013, a survey conducted by the National Small Business Association showed that 57 percent of small businesses are using some form of cloud computing — compared to only 5 percent in 2010. By 2020, industry experts predict that more than 80 percent of small businesses will be using the cloud, according to a joint survey conducted by Emergent Research and the financial software company Intuit.

But the benefits of the cloud aren’t limited to small businesses. When a disaster strikes, no one wants to be left without their most important photos, documents and music. Rather than trying to spend weeks recovering lost data, the cloud provides a virtual environment to keep data up and running.

In order to make the most of cloud-based technologies, a high-speed Internet connection is crucial. For a small business or personal user of cloud services, broadband Internet speeds are essential in order to share large files, as well as run hardware and software services effectively.

Benefits of Cloud-Based Services

    • Cloud-based files work easily with Mac- and Windows-based computers.
    • Whether you’re on a smartphone, tablet, laptop or desktop computer — files, software programs and hardware systems are accessible with the cloud.
    • The cloud provides the peace of mind necessary to know that your important data is always safe, secure and accessible from anywhere in the world.


We are glad to announce that the SEC Network is now available on WK&T Digital Television!  It will be on channel 69 (SD) and channel 705 (HD).


For more information concerning our Flite services, click here.

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