Keep Your Home Phone

Better quality: Landlines still have better quality sound and volume versus most cell phones on the market today.  This is especially true for senior citizens or the hearing impaired that often have a difficult time using cellphones.  Today, landline phones have higher volume and speaker ranges, which both allow for a better conversation.  Sometimes cellular calls can be difficult to hear, even for a person with no hearing impairment. Frequently, the voices fade in and out, static interference from other devices drowns out one party or both, and more often than we care to admit, the cell phone call is dropped entirely, even if both parties have strong signals.

In case of an emergency:  It is a proven fact that a 911 call from a landline can be pinpointed precisely to where the call was originated.  According to recent studies, cell phone calls are still unreliable to some 911 services.  Even with today’s technology, on many occasions, first responders are still being directed miles away from where the cell call originated.  “What is your location” is the first question a dispatcher will ask, but what if you cannot speak due to health issues or security concerns?  When minutes matter, the landline is what you will want in your greatest time of need.

Security Systems: While there are emerging applications that allow for home and business security systems to be monitored via other technologies, landlines are still the industry’s preference for the absolute most reliable service.

In the case of mass power outages: During the aftermath of the historic ice storm of 2009, all major cell phones were out for days due to power failures at most every tower in the Western Kentucky and Northwestern Tennessee regions.  Meanwhile, the WK&T landline phone system continued to work.  While we certainly hope this type of situation is never repeated, it is again nice to know that your landline can be counted on in the event of a major storm that renders cell phones unusable for a long period of time.

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